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Why a suitable coach is so important ?

Using a suitable coach is like using a clear tool manual instructions to solve your problems. But all the tools themselves and answers to your quests are actually all within you. When you have a suitable coach you will not only learn to solve the problem but also to do the job independently eventually. This way your results can also be more evident for your self. My role as a coach is therefore to show you the purpose and function of your tools and what you best can use them for. As the following example here for instance …

”Admittedly, you can hit in any nail into any wood with anything heavy, such as a rock or other solid metal tools in your tool box right? But you know that if you have to do it the proper way your best choice is to use a hammer. Specially if you aim to build something that will last longer. With such a wise decision you can be sure that you’ve also eliminated almost all major risks of harming your self or your tools. 

This is also how suitable coaching works. It’s for you to excel and develop but also arrive safely into your next stage of success with evident results in hand. However life is as such that accidents and unpredictable things still happen. We can get stuck on something or somewhere we are not meant to be. Or we may lose our motivation and desires to even try, due to fears, health issues or other circumstances. It’s absolutely human but it’s also a temporary condition always. So believe me when I say you will get through the condition. I repeat. You will get through it. ALWAYS!  

Therefore it’s important to point out that it’s in your best interest to keep your professional contacts with all other experts that may be helping you, such as your doctor, lawyer, psychologist etc. If you already established contacts as such that is? With me however you ll get help with the decision making that will impact your life forever. Specially if you have gathered the expertise of the experts.


Regardless if what you need or want is 

  • Increase your self esteem and invest in your self or your brand
  • Change your directions in life, regain your abilities after a burnout, reduce stress or live a more authentic in the here and now
  • Experience more harmony, balanced life, love or truer relations
  • Get through addictions, self harming habits or other disadvantaging beliefs  
  • Improve your shape, live healthy and change your diet (NOT dieting as it is not a sustainable method) 
  • Repair or recreate your life again after life crisis, divorce, separation, parenting diagnosis or grief. 
  • Change a dead end job, end dysfunctional relations to colleges, a partner, friends or family 
  • Learn to manage strong emotions such as anger, anxiety or deal with depression    

All problems in your life are there for you to define and solve them 

as much as the problems are there to define and resolve you 


Price list and information

The conversation is carried out by phone, video call, skype, zoom, mail, in person or a combination of all the options. Mail me your details and how you prefer the contact to be for you. After the first free conversations and you feel confident about taking the next stepp and take on this developmental journey we can set a date to start the change towards your empowerment, freedom and above all results!

One to one coaching 450 SEK /45 min

Packages 5 x 45 min 2000 SEK

10 x 45 min 3500 SEK

For group coaching contact me HERE