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10 Climate thoughts and 1 Greta

I have tried not to utter much more about our international success and swedish child pride Greta Thunberg, mostly out of respect and concern for her own privacy as a person and most of all a child. She gets more than her share of unintentional bashings from every corner already anyway. But regardless my own opinions she remains a topic in the limelights with a spotlight directed on climate issues. So it is almost impossible not to address her if one is to address the so called ”climate threats”. Instead  I ’ll make my 10 points here clear for those with reasonably happy and healthy minds. They are not alone in wanting to remain healthy psychologically, but still ponder on other alternatives of climate solutions than to be depressed about this ”threat”. Obviously, unlike Greta I don’t think that your psyche being healthy and happy is the problem and therefore not the only solution either. Stay calm the world will not go under because you are ignorantly happy. No one needs to distress in panic in order to care or understand about our climate problems. But we do however have to open our minds and understand as well as question more about it. Preferably from deeper perspectives if we aim to solve at least some of the concerns Greta expresses for example. Hence, I am aiming to make us understand a bit more by explaining  the following 10 points 

  • 1) Ok firstly No! Nobody hates Greta Thunberg. The opposite. Many sympathies with her condition and concerns if not admire her deep care about our environment. But she is still a child and above all a child with extra needs. And as a typical child, should also be treated as such for her own sake and wellbeing. This is the problem with European or western kids these days. No body dears tell them the truth anymore. The first concern many of us have for Greta is, her own safety. She cares so much but who cares and caters for her own needs as a child? As a mother it is worrying to witness her distress? I cant help to wonder, is it those that support the hype around her or is it those who tell her the truth by meeting her with questions and even harsh criticism that will help her in this matter? None of them but her parents and family have the ultimate responsibility to cater for her needs at the end of the day. And every child’s basic need is safety and security first and formost. So where are they? Her parents? Signing papers and deals on her behalf? Well, they need to be more visible so they can be more responsible for her and for what she is put through
  • 2) More importantly, the question is, as parents how can they prepare her for what is coming due to the huge publicity. Because she needs to develop her arguments for this very important cause, now that the spotlights found its subject. If she is not able to meet the critics that can meet her ideas and scrutinize it, chances are it will not end where we would want it to be. And that is a waist of the important job she started? Or hold on…was it only through our emotions and through our sympathetic self censorship the climate is ment to be mended? No wonder why a child like her is at the forefront then? In that case, I predict it will only last for a short period, all this enthusiastic climate buzz. Once again, like so many other charity hypes and buzzes before it. As we all know, when it comes to changes in environmental care, consistency and long term action plans that proceed successively are the keys. Most importantly we all need to investigate our own everyday behaviors as consumers or producers and apply easily implemented changes so the behavioral change can last and rewards us with results. This need to be implemented specially in developing countries since they are the ones lacking systems and facilities to care about the environment as we do over here. Perhaps with a bit of incitaments funded by the west they would do much better in place? Because according to many environmental reports, this type of environmental adjustments are mostly needed over there. What we all don’t need anyhow, is another short lived trend that will benefit some promoters only here in the west.. Haven’t we learned enough from charity organisations with almost 0 results in Africa, Haiti, Asia for example? ”Change itself is the most constant there is”. Change is not a trend. It is adjustment to life basically. So live and let live, not panic or play”kind”!
  • 3) I have no doubts that Greta is authentic and her attention to this concern is greatly appreciated from my point of view to be honest. Because I agree with many things she stands for. But I am an adult and would never let a child stand for my causes, mistakes or responsibilities. Specially as a typical habesha parent with the mentality that children should at all times be protected at all cost and never become an exploitation material to this degree. To be used as targets for a topic so great and endless. And when there are two grown parents at home that can take some of that kind of role too. To ”protect” in this context is not to hinder or stop the child from fulfilling their purposes but to keep the child in-tune with reality also and foster a healthy and appropriate relation with it and the greater public. They would’ve done her more favor if they helped her understand the psychological make up of ”anxiety” or the panic syndrome she fights to cope with first of all 
  •  4) No! People or Gretas critics are not all envious of her situation believe me. Well, not all anyway. A Childs basic needs are not to be at the stage of attention on a political drama in the midst of psychopaths that benefits from one’s genuin pain. A child may want and enjoy the mass attention for a short period but a child cannot handle the backside of that mass attention and the stress and anxiety it can bring. Therefore a child and specially a child with special diagnose as Greta has, is most in need of feeling secure by being accepted, heard, understood, supported and loved for what they are. NOT because of the cause they stand for. Rather because they already are the cause we should’ ve stand for as parents. In other words Gretas premature but very awake and painful mind is awakening us all adults to be more responsible for her personal pain. But my point is that her parents are those that need to wake up the most. Specially for her sake so she can cope with the anxiety in a more healthy and private manner 
  • 5) Personally, I happily welcome Gretas attention to climate concerns as I my self have been determined to make a U turn in the fashion industry not only through my opinions and actions but also shopping habits as well as finding alternative solutions in my own lifestyle since a a while now. This is also part of why I am addressing this issue since I feel it concerns me as well. Bt also why I am taking the actual steps necessary within my capacity specially in my own work at my own new fashion brand Tsuriy. By not only developing and incorporating organic and chemical neutral materials but also by braking the vicious ”trend” oriented seasonal fashion cycle tradition so popular in this industry. It has off course cost me a lot of time and many customers. But I believe it is well worth it. Just as Greta I know I had to DO more (for my self). More than just protest the big multinational global corporations abusing our earthly resources and using people in poverty far distanced while serving us cheap merchandises to uphold our lazy lifestyles over here. Or in other words my aim is to also end ”slavery” for the population of developing countries and work for social change as much. Because these issues are interrelated and cannot be solved separately. It is time we have a wider perspective and consider the whole picture as well 
  • 6) At the same time, I honestly feel hesitant to join those that promote themselves through someones mental illness, anxiety disorders or child labour here in this part of the world either. Even if I do agree with Greta that the western society needs to wake the hell up from the passivity of taking appropriate responsible actions instead of just use opinions. And yes she is right when she says that people will only wake up once they experience the disaster of their actions firsthand but that message needs to be heard also by the leaders in Asia, Africa, South America and others that do more harm to their poverty stricken populations and selling of their natural resources for almost nothing to us here. 
  • 7) I agree very much with Greta on the matter it self and yes she might deserve her rewards and medals for sacrificing her personal safety and comfort perhaps. But what about the vulnerable people with nothing, not even parents, that still pay for our mistakes in the west. Who rewards them the justice they need? Children younger than Greta that are enslaved at Congo’s dangerous mines. Where are their prices for sacrificing their lives for our glamorous lives with latest mobiles phones here? No! I WILL not use Gretas vulnerability here regardless. And NO! I definitely can’t use her methods as solution either. Panic will not solve the problems even if I understand Gretas feelings. As a mom to a child with similar diagnoses (and maybe with a diagnose my self) my job is to stay calm, listen and understand first, in order to guide myself or the child to healthier ways of expressions. As one can read more detailed about my struggle in my book titled ”Syftet” addressing some autistic tendencies and parenting
  • 8) However, to dismiss Gretas critics as jealous or hateful of her is to halt the discussion she succeeded in igniting. But it can’t pass without further debattes to result in necessary actions. This is just the nature and order of our world. According to how the media portray her cause however, the narrative is that she seems to seek appeal within the higher governing orders. So they can make decisions over our heads and dictate to us all on how this climate adjustments should be punished upon us without our opinions or agreements about it. Without debates, evidence or understandings of the problem preferably. Which in my opinion is not only undemocratic and wont give the end result she really hopes for. Assuming she is a freedom and democracy respecting citizen that is… 
  • 9) I speak a lot about having a purpose in ones life. Greta Thunberg has definitely found hers early in her life. Perhaps through all her pain? So I want to conclude my thoughts with the fact that she without a doubt managed to fulfill this already even if the future is yet still brighter for her hopefully. She alone and as just a child managed to open and put the discussions about the climate at the forefront again. But that is it and maybe that is enough? She is only a child at the end of the day. She should be left alone after that or be able to argue when she is mature enough to have research, facts and healthy methods that backs her very passionate ideas and why not some suggestions for action plans or solutions too soon? Because to discuss the topic is to discuss world politic and the global policies that run our world as well as refer to history of capitalism that have given way for how our world looks like today. Or how the problem came about and still exists basically. Greta seems to have only captured the worrying perspectives. But if we all talk about the causes honestly and openly without censorships then maybe we actually can get somewhere with the solutions and results also? Or even actually take the necessary steps in the right directions for once?
  • 10) Finally, I would like to end this by saluting Greta for her dedication but I still feel that she needs and deserves to enjoy her childhood as a child and not be used or abused by supporters, critics, the media, the politicians, and everyone else benefiting by her pain ridden image as a self proclaimed climate guru. She is just a decent and fine young lady hopefully with a bright future. She is not meant to carry all our sins and be crucified, there is no need for that. Lastly, this is how environmentalists like me differ from her and her massive followers in the west. See, I and those with similar conclusions as me are convinced that the earth and environment will manage absolutely fine without some of us humans. But all of us humans need to adjust and respect our nature for our own and future generations sake. Those who don’t will basically eliminate themselves eventually. Therefore, there’s no need for crucification. Only enlightenment on how we save our selves and our future generations by learning and communicating is enough
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#TsuriyPurpose Foundation

#TsuriyPurpose foundation

Those who know me know roughly where I’ve come from but also where I am heading and why. But if it’s still unclear, then “behold” ! My project #TsuriyPurpose is here for further clarification. This challenge is not only meant to inspire myself but hopefully anyone who needs the inspiration to simply figure out their own purpose in life and dare to pursue it no matter what. If we really want to, most of us can literally get up and “do” whatever we put our minds to do whenever we really wish. However many will still not “do” it due to lack of inspiration, self-esteem or because of doubts, fear, limiting beliefs, old traditions, common brainwashing etc

Then there are those that haven’t even had one ounce of decent chance in life because of a disability, serious illnesses or other major difficulties. And worst of all is the conditions for those living outside western realms. Truth is I know most of us want to help, but we often find ourselves distanced, unattached and without real means to “do” the very difference that these vulnerable people really need in their lives. Sometimes all that it is needed is only as simple as some words of encouragement. Other times more intensive involvements are required. But we often tend to get overwhelmed by all those ’others’ needy out there that we still wont be able to help, resulting in our unintended but comfortable apathy as usual. Discouragement indeed is a thief of all inspiration and a force of not so good productive energy (that some religious people would refer to as an unpleasant figure with pointy horns and tail)

Wicked symbols aside, we can all develop the habit to encourage ourselves and others as a way to combat this general discouragement. Try to “purposely” practice it with your loved ones for example. Don’t lie to them, but encourage. There’s a difference and it’s important you know. It is often easier if you start with yourself first. Because then you know that what you are saying is true and not some creepy sleazy cliché that scares the kids 🙂 So honesty as they say is always the best policy.

The goal
The main aim with the #TsuriyPurpose foundation is also to create an entity of encouraging support system for the above mentioned vulnerable group of people/children outside any social securities. Initially the idea is to start this project in Eritrea or/and countries around that region. So if anyone from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan or any other (northeastern) African country have similar thoughts and have complementary essential knowledge to contribute? Then I am all ears about any collaboration ideas.

But regardless, the master plan is to start a few small (chain) organisations. Their main task will be to serve as a resource bank of knowledge training and educating caretakers. At the same time also serve as a kind of “habilitation centre” with pedagogical materials available for the children/people concerned. This way these families/children will not only be encouraged to self-help and well needed real support in their challenges but hopefully inspire others to brake the social stigmas in society that is part of the force repressing them. In the long run, the vision is to achieve a situation where perhaps some of the beneficiaries themselves could take over/part in managing and expanding the entites further

encouragement is for practicing
While we continue to practice on encouraging our selves and others over here too; why not treat ourselves to some ethically ethnic stylish fashion by my new brand Tsuriy? (that the project is part of) The most important aspect about Tsuriy is that it will subvent some percentages of the income to #TsuriyPurpose foundation which otherwise will function as a separate organ with the purpose mentioned. Yet being a customer at Tsuriy means even more for your own identity as well (if you are habesha that is. If you’re not then the good news is you absolutly don’t have to be one to wear the gear)

As you can tell by the t-shirts, most part of the collection are designed simple enough to be worn on daily basis by anyone. But if you are habesha, why limit the joy and pride of expressing your “habeshness” only on occasional times? You can be ’you’ and dress your heritage all of the time or whenever you shall feel for it instead of waiting for festivities to arrive in order to transform into a cultural bomb. Not that there is anything wrong with cultural explosions, but, it’s only a ’part’ version of you. Be wholly you often if not daily, not only occasionally. Finally but equally important to inform you about Tsuriy is also that as a customer you will not only complete the mission in this purpose but also enforce the habit of caring. Caring for yourself, caring for others as well as for the environment, as most goods will be partly if not 100% organic while bearing certifications such as GOTS, fairtrade, KRAV ans.

Depending on the campaigns at certain times, a certain percentage that will be specified more precisely later is meant to fund the start of the foundation. Campaigns may vary in shapes and times. Nevertheless both Tsuriy and #TsuriyPurpose are basically like the two sides of a coin. They “do” however different things. One is a business organisation, the other builds up communities much similar to a typical social entrepreneurship model system. But! Without harming nature or offending social justices issues.

This is why raw materials are carefully chosen and preferably certified but due too lack of them, non certified items will inevitably complete the rest of the stocks. It is good to know that organic materials are not only limited in availability but unfortunately also in styles so all items will/may not always be 100% organic either, even if the ultimate goal is to achieve just that. In my future blog I also aim to dig deeper into the discussions and some rather questionable manners in which the “organic” issue actually is exploited too. So let’s stay awake! For now, contents will be clearly communicated for most products so those who specially care about this issue can make an informed decision on your purchase. But don’t hesitate to ask if the information may be short. Also your tips, questions and constructive critiques are always of help and more than welcomed here. So feel free to speak your mind