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#TsuriyPurpose Foundation

#TsuriyPurpose foundation

Those who know me know roughly where I’ve come from but also where I am heading and why. But if it’s still unclear, then “behold” ! My project #TsuriyPurpose is here for further clarification. This challenge is not only meant to inspire myself but hopefully anyone who needs the inspiration to simply figure out their own purpose in life and dare to pursue it no matter what. If we really want to, most of us can literally get up and “do” whatever we put our minds to do whenever we really wish. However many will still not “do” it due to lack of inspiration, self-esteem or because of doubts, fear, limiting beliefs, old traditions, common brainwashing etc

Then there are those that haven’t even had one ounce of decent chance in life because of a disability, serious illnesses or other major difficulties. And worst of all is the conditions for those living outside western realms. Truth is I know most of us want to help, but we often find ourselves distanced, unattached and without real means to “do” the very difference that these vulnerable people really need in their lives. Sometimes all that it is needed is only as simple as some words of encouragement. Other times more intensive involvements are required. But we often tend to get overwhelmed by all those ’others’ needy out there that we still wont be able to help, resulting in our unintended but comfortable apathy as usual. Discouragement indeed is a thief of all inspiration and a force of not so good productive energy (that some religious people would refer to as an unpleasant figure with pointy horns and tail)

Wicked symbols aside, we can all develop the habit to encourage ourselves and others as a way to combat this general discouragement. Try to “purposely” practice it with your loved ones for example. Don’t lie to them, but encourage. There’s a difference and it’s important you know. It is often easier if you start with yourself first. Because then you know that what you are saying is true and not some creepy sleazy cliché that scares the kids 🙂 So honesty as they say is always the best policy.

The goal
The main aim with the #TsuriyPurpose foundation is also to create an entity of encouraging support system for the above mentioned vulnerable group of people/children outside any social securities. Initially the idea is to start this project in Eritrea or/and countries around that region. So if anyone from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan or any other (northeastern) African country have similar thoughts and have complementary essential knowledge to contribute? Then I am all ears about any collaboration ideas.

But regardless, the master plan is to start a few small (chain) organisations. Their main task will be to serve as a resource bank of knowledge training and educating caretakers. At the same time also serve as a kind of “habilitation centre” with pedagogical materials available for the children/people concerned. This way these families/children will not only be encouraged to self-help and well needed real support in their challenges but hopefully inspire others to brake the social stigmas in society that is part of the force repressing them. In the long run, the vision is to achieve a situation where perhaps some of the beneficiaries themselves could take over/part in managing and expanding the entites further

encouragement is for practicing
While we continue to practice on encouraging our selves and others over here too; why not treat ourselves to some ethically ethnic stylish fashion by my new brand Tsuriy? (that the project is part of) The most important aspect about Tsuriy is that it will subvent some percentages of the income to #TsuriyPurpose foundation which otherwise will function as a separate organ with the purpose mentioned. Yet being a customer at Tsuriy means even more for your own identity as well (if you are habesha that is. If you’re not then the good news is you absolutly don’t have to be one to wear the gear)

As you can tell by the t-shirts, most part of the collection are designed simple enough to be worn on daily basis by anyone. But if you are habesha, why limit the joy and pride of expressing your “habeshness” only on occasional times? You can be ’you’ and dress your heritage all of the time or whenever you shall feel for it instead of waiting for festivities to arrive in order to transform into a cultural bomb. Not that there is anything wrong with cultural explosions, but, it’s only a ’part’ version of you. Be wholly you often if not daily, not only occasionally. Finally but equally important to inform you about Tsuriy is also that as a customer you will not only complete the mission in this purpose but also enforce the habit of caring. Caring for yourself, caring for others as well as for the environment, as most goods will be partly if not 100% organic while bearing certifications such as GOTS, fairtrade, KRAV ans.

Depending on the campaigns at certain times, a certain percentage that will be specified more precisely later is meant to fund the start of the foundation. Campaigns may vary in shapes and times. Nevertheless both Tsuriy and #TsuriyPurpose are basically like the two sides of a coin. They “do” however different things. One is a business organisation, the other builds up communities much similar to a typical social entrepreneurship model system. But! Without harming nature or offending social justices issues.

This is why raw materials are carefully chosen and preferably certified but due too lack of them, non certified items will inevitably complete the rest of the stocks. It is good to know that organic materials are not only limited in availability but unfortunately also in styles so all items will/may not always be 100% organic either, even if the ultimate goal is to achieve just that. In my future blog I also aim to dig deeper into the discussions and some rather questionable manners in which the “organic” issue actually is exploited too. So let’s stay awake! For now, contents will be clearly communicated for most products so those who specially care about this issue can make an informed decision on your purchase. But don’t hesitate to ask if the information may be short. Also your tips, questions and constructive critiques are always of help and more than welcomed here. So feel free to speak your mind

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Defining our new Identity

Defining our Identity by our own terms

Its a weekend agin and I have to be honest I was not entirely sure to be happy or panic at first when I woke up to the sound of the kids playing, shouting and combating about in the background as usual. From a quick glance at the window and my own speculation of the coming weather I knew that this entire afternoon is best spent in the citys head library where they not only have loads of children’s activities but also have a cosy play corner surrounded by comfy soffas, pillows and other energetic playful kids that will definitely entertain my two ruthlessly play loving lively kids. As much as I love them and love to play with them, sometimes I just have to find ways get them entertained while I do some work at the same time. The Library is a good place for that

When they are at this calm but activities field corner though, I know from experience that they are so curious and bussy with their own amusements that they not only ignore me but throw me away as if I was some tired old broken toy. Unless they get into trouble with other little riots like themselves, they want none to do with me. Luckily today seams to turn out to be one such day. By now I have learned to use this to my advantage so good thing I brought my lapptopp with me to do some of my own work in the background sipping latte typing.

Luckily there aren’t many parents here today so I can sit quietly and continue to tapp on my lapptopp like  a maniac without receiving judging looks thrown at me for not being an ”adequate” parent. ”Adequate parent”!? What is that ? Why do I have a feeling that most non white parents have this mildly unease and subconscious fear of being judged by the white norm in public places? Or is it just me? I often feel that most foreigners or non whites have this obligation to prove and be adequate or in some other-way be accommodating or adjusting to the norm that someone else have created for us. Off-course this must have come from years and years of the adjusting process that have been going for a duration of time now among the diasporas. Adjusting to the so called white norm that is.

For a while now I have wondered what ”adequate” really even means and why should I bother to be bothered about someone else expecting that from me? Because in my memory as a young immigrant child in Stockholm it hadn’t just been two different sets of the meaning of the word ”adequate” in the dual cultures that I grew up in but many other ones. Especially when I recall my entire neighborhood at that time. We lived in a suburb where immigrant population was high and it had always been different standards of parenting styles alternating from the Swedish norm but at the same time that we were all adjusting and assimilating to gradually as time went.

In fact I remember as a very young child sitting on the subway with my family wondering and asking my dad as usual a number of irritating questions as some (maybe annoying) kids sometimes do. (And in my family I must have been that one type of kid) Anyway I remember vividly how shocking the new norm that I had arrived to was in comparison from what was ”normal” in my world before.  I kept wondering how funny people looked and acted like in this new country, little did I know the people of this country were also looking at me with similar wonder?

It was a wintery december in the middle of the eighties and as a newly arrived child I consistently and curiously asked my father often with deep sympathy and vague sadness in my heart why and how almost all people in the train we sat on were always so incredibly white? And had so very sharp noses? And such very thin lips? He and my mother just laughed at me and explained simply that this is the way people look like here. But I still doubted and was a little resistent to believe them. I thought that I will prove them wrong soon if I just find and discover normal people like me again around somewhere. They must be somewhere

Maybe people like my grandpa and grandma or my uncles my aunties my friends and cousins, but couldn’t find any, even if turned around every person and took a proper look at them. Surely the entire country can not be affected by a disaster of looking like this I thought hesitantly? Mom and dad must have been mistaking? But eventually I learned to accept that the only brown people who I will see that looked like me/us here were some of those that my family visited or were visited by regularly. But the norm as my parents said was what it was.

And reminiscing with a smile back on the past now just made me realize that the word ”adequate” Is not only outdated and irrelevant for my becoming of me but also doesn’t apply to this generation at all. Not any more and not in the same way. We are not adequate and weren’t meant to be adequate. We were made to think that way. And in this context, It isn’t just an old ghostlike irrelevant word from old memories. But the word ’adequate’ as well as the word ’norm’ are both unnecessary for us today right here and now. It is up to anyone to decide and define how to singlehandedly or collectively reshape themselves and create new norms without specifically adhering to any other norms.

Thus knowing ones true ’self’ and ones identity is so so so very important to us all in order to do that. So get busy living, getting to know and defining yourselves as well as getting the kids to do the same before anyone else or any other words are used to define you and yours. Realizing this also makes me and understand why I have chosen to follow my inner intensions and go on my own path to design forth my coming collection that I am creating with the intuitiv need to redefine my own identity. This way I can also add to all of you with my ancestral cultural Identity. I call it an expression of self love and self definition. I look forward to show the final work soon and hope you will like it too. But for now I like to encourage anyone who is on their path to self love and self definition. To keep going until you get there ! 😉