Concept and Background

When I was a little girl I would get lost in fairy tale dreams and adventures just like my daughter is at her tender age now. I passionately emulated my mothers character, hard work, and her unique graceful elegance. Specially when she would dress herself in her traditional habesha attire. I loved the way her braids were done and her natural voluminous hair that puffed up the sheer white netsela veil. The jewelries that complemented her dresses so beautifully to all sorts of events and festivities she was attending.

Oh and the festivities with family, friends and community gathered around the lovely smell of the classical coffee ceremony, or the guayla music with kirrars and keberos.

The grace of the elders, the spirit of forefathers/mothers blessing the generations. Those memories of early childhood back home. All those beloved visits to the countryside village of my grandparents, the peace, serenity and one-ness with nature there. These impressions have left a permanent mark that no one can erase.

Precious early impressions that turned into visions and lingered on throughout the good and bad days of life ever since. They never cease to inspire me and immensely contribute in defining my identity, culture, relations and off course also how I interpret fashion, music and all artistic forms of expressions. Visions that not only ignited my dreams with vivid lively images but became the essence of my ambitions. As if to continue manifest the dreams of the ancestors and pursue a purpose? Perhaps in an attempt to share them with you and show you your marvellous roots too 🙂 ? If so, I hope I am doing my job well and that I can deliver that magical feeling I have had the pleasure to feel when I am in company of my work