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When normal and un-normal meet natural and un-natural

When normal and un-normal meet natural and un-natural

(then its bound to cause a temporary confusion for sure)

I don’t know if it is me wising up and slowly turning into an old female ”Yoda” or if we are living in a time where the world is getting crazier by the day? The deception is all over the place and seems to be easily normalized leaving me with a bunch of un-normal questions I guess? And the silence?! The silent passiveness is just perpetuating it all?  So writing on here allows my precious un-silent moral values to spill out and perhaps add something to someone someday somewhere.

Sometimes it feels that we live in a world that tries so hard to turn the good into bad. That which is truly holy to perversion, originality denied in favor of the fake, The lie so easily accepted before truth and you get the rest… Then again I suppose we are all on different levels of understanding so in this lazy world we live in we tend to view things also through that level of limited/open understanding we hold. The truthful way is so much harder but the rewards so much greater. Once discovered it can never be undiscovered again which is why I cant be silent and passive. However all deserve their own time to find this lane in this journey called life. Earlier here( I wrote about my thoughts on how important it is to find ones own identity. I did this because I believe it is fundamental to ones liberation from illusions created by the outside world.

While perhaps most would understand what I mean, I have come across a few debates lately that touches the subject from other levels and more politically angled than I ever intended my self. To be more precise this is the very lively identity politic issues circulating in our media and society today with the LGBT movement as prime example. Their accomplishments for equal rights here in the west is a successful one. However there are yet strong taboos surrounding non heterosexual relationships outside of the west and even within foreign cultures inside western societies.

One of those many cultures is off course that one which is my own. By this I mean the diaspora group considered a minority in the west in which my culture adds to statically. So I’l take this opportunity here to speak up for anyone I may or not know personally who may be silently withholding their true nature because of fear in coming out. I can only imagine how hard it must feel to reveal your true feelings even in the ”freedom” the west brags to provide for these groups but most often still can’t.

Therefore I wish to encourage anyone who might need the encouragement to speak up for themselves too. Even with all the precaution necessary for own safety as well as enough care taken to the belonging culture. Having said that. It is well worth mentioning also that many immigrants may already be or can come to use the LGBT card as a reason to easily be granted asylum within western borders. Which may in turn mislead the immigrants concerned firstly but also society at large by these types of deceptions. Like in cases where adult immigrant men lower their age to a level of a child’s.

Now I am NOT homosexual my self so I cant offer any advise other than send my support to any individuals or groups who might happen to read and need this on their journey to liberate their self. And believe me only you can liberate yourself. Despite the shame and guilt that one fear to face, remember that you yourself right in front of those that oppress you need to acknowledge that you are perfectly normal, natural, blessed and fabulous human like all the rest of us, with all our natural individual peculiarities filling up this world with nothing but diversity. Diversity itself is the most natural there is. The rest of issues on this subject is really not my business to address so I ’l move along to the topic that I meant to. Which unfortunately is often associated with the LGBTs and other minority groups    

What I often find comes up repetitively to justify a variety of arguments and statements is the word ”natural”. If you want to understand natural then really my advice is to go to nature and observe it, study it, listen to your self within it. It is after all the source of our Identity. When examining the word ”natural” I come to think of two simple examples that can give two contradicting but valid perspectives. For me and many others the word natural is maybe similar to the description of ”reality”.

Example 1) Most trees have green leaves and it is not only me who sees this reality. The majority of the world population of any age have the same description of trees. So it is natural and very real that most (but not all) trees are green. The trees that are not green however are there for a reason too so they are natural off-course. By my own definition a plastic tree would be the un-natural one amongst them because it is not real even if it is made perfectly real looking

Example 2) Sometimes however there are real and natural things that we humans don’t perceive as natural and real too. An example of this is when many years ago humans refused to understand that the earth was round and not a flat platform as it looked like to their eyes. This second example shows that there are some people that understand and observe things way before the rest. They too are not un-natural just because they understand differently or quickly than most. They may however be considered as not ”normal” or even mad by the larger society at first 

Yepp! madness like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Which is why a large part of our society cant seem to identify the madness when it is right in front. It rather ignores the sanity and truths to cherish falseness and fakery even when the facts speak for themselves. There have been so many instances and revelations vividly observable in our society for all to witness. One of these instances is for example the thriving businesses of human traffickers (many posing as helpful agents or human right activists while others operate blatant and indiscreet) We have also seen westerners endless exploitations of poorer countries and their populations for centuries on end now.

At the same time as many immigrants and children live in slavery like conditions totally void of identity. Where as the fortunate within western borders can comfortably dedicate on to political discussions our luxurious rights, we seem to be loosing contact with reality specially in regards to our moral values. It is no longer of a surprise if there soon forms an organization of humans claiming they are shiny lizards and therefore should have rights to live as lizards in our society but also exercise their luxurious human rights.This is were the western democracy is heading at while child slavery still is one of our biggest problems. It seems as though we rather create new shiny trivial problems instead of solving our old original global ones that still haven’t been even touched yet.

Which gets me to my main question. Where are we heading with our different minority group rights here in the west these days? Or should I ask what or who is abusing minority rights to do harm in this world and fostering a deceptive population within all this uncomfortable silence in the background? This is why I personally want to speak for my own self so no one else can abuse my voice or silence for anything else other than pure intensions. Because lets face it. A group of victims serves as a perfect channel for evildoers to do their dirty work in the name of goodness. Very often without even being questioned due to their clever facade as perfectly good samaritans.

I am not writing this to discredit any decent organizations that do genuine work which there are many of thankfully but there are also way too many that abuses the appearance of the victim status. And I know theres no such thing as perfect and flawless but I am sure we can do more than just be passive. The passivity of the general public that refuses to question and find out facts for themselves is what is causing these deceptions. They rather follow any official person above claiming and stating any old story which then is fast considered as  a new ”truth” until the truth decides to show up by itself eventually.    

Not very long ago I observed a minor but yet lively debate that was set off by a romantic/sexual relationship between two close family members, a mother and her older son to be exact  Apparently there seriously are a few of this kind of most un-natural relationships out there. And as if that is not sickening enough I also learned to know that there apparently are communities, activists and its supporters. And it is their opinions and comments of this particular incident that are most spooky to me. No doubt that a family like this will firstly need therapeutic counseling to sort out their very mixed up toxic feelings before or after receiving appropriate legal punishments. 

However what I found to be even more dismaying is the fact that there were (in my view) way too many in the commenting general public that almost accepted this type of relationship with shrugging shoulders and lazy arguments that these couple were fully grown consenting adults. Statistically the group holding this absurd but nonchalant views were off course less than the opposing larger group. But perplexed at the number of seemingly normal people out there ok-ing this scary human behavior left me with a strong distasteful worry for our future generations. The supporters are honestly the most scariest and misleading since they are dead serious about attempting to legalize this type of relationships and normalize it into mainstream. Encouraging them with comments such as ”love concours all” and that these two couple ”have the right to follow their hearts” or ”fight for equal rights in society” and similar clamors. Again, it was easy to discern that their statements stemmed from a source of sympathy with the couples misfortunate confused feelings. Their reactions were precisely like to some romantic novel fiction story or film 

But this was very real and very so not natural at all! Why are we still using ”sympathy” as a moral compass when it is clearly a very misleading emotion dealing with principles. Sympathy is a feeling appropriate for a temporary situation not for longterm decisions. Yet our generation seems to be obsessed with this drug called sympathy. I’ve said it before and will say it again. An empathetic ability is far more efficient than a sympathetic one when determining longterm decisions. Empathy allows one to see much further and beyond the situation itself as well as understanding the emotional aspects of the victim in question. But also offers a much more holistic picture with all the possible consequences that play part in the cause and effects of things.

With these kind of developments are taking place in the west, no wonder why the LGBT community is still so harshly attacked as morally wrong in non western communities? After all they are the ones that will be at the receiving end of harsh judgments that are affiliated with the latter immoral taboos and crimes. With claims that their sexual orientation/nature is also as abnormal and un-natural if it isn’t lived as ”normal” as the heterosexuals. Which is by far very unfair preconception. Furthermore the LGBTs case is used to validate arguments that common westerners indeed also reacted with the same sort of disgust and opposition about homosexuality once upon a time too. But look how far they’v come now in normalizing it in society.

To be openminded and respectful to societal change is necessary but obviously our collective moral values are not catching up by the looks of how liberal and self deceptive people are becoming here. And in my opinion this is due to the lack of realizations on consequences and results a.k.a reality. To much in politics are run by public opinions and sympathies of the masses which by the way is very easy to manipulate and influence for the media, leaders and other commercial outlets that can capitalize on it.

The way the world is today all sorts of phony human beings will claim, state and ”feel” themselves to ”be” something or someone they are not and expect to pass unquestioned. We shouldn’t let that happen. We all have a responsibility to correct one another to some point as we have responsibilities to our future generations. But we often wont question at all due to the ”freedom” and rights of everyones right to their own”democratic” rights. Preferably the questioning should happen by the person themselves but equally by society and authorities. In the case of an inappropriate relationship amongst close family members that many seems ready to OK because of sympathy for the involved gives also pathways to OK-ing  a ”love”/sexual relationship between a child and an adult which some European countries have already begun to allow by law unfortunately. What will be next to liberate and stamp an OK mark on? ”Love”/romance between humans and their pets? What else?

I had to pause and wonder for a few seconds where I had been all my life while the world was evolving to these very lazy, gross kind of liberal views and carelessness? Without thoroughly considering the whole chain of effects and consequences. What about children’s rights to be born healthy (if they can)? What child would like to be a result or live under the roof of a moral less sickening abnormal family/relationship? How will they know how to create sound boundaries and defend themselves against it? And isn’t it evident enough that nature itself even overrule this type of abnormal relations as anti-natural activity by simply invalidating conception or healthy offspring prospects that most likely wont be able to continue the survival of humankind if this would continue on for generations? Before we can speak for nature we need to learn from nature and foster sane and balanced ways instead of drenching in temporary feelings. Emotions are healthy and very necessary. But only for the knowledge of oneself. Not for politics or justifying the un-natural

Well, whilst I still slightly baffled and disturbed ponder on of when exactly it was that members of the human clans decided to be so complacent and tired about using their God given bright equipment called ”brains”  to analyze with? I managed to gather a little positive and hopeful insight in the moment that I am after all thankful to live in this era were some morality is still relevantly intact by most around me still. While a tiny part of me dreads just what the future might bring upon this world by way of political movements? And very similarly to the feelings you are left with after watching a crazy thriller, I am left with the stink of another disturbing question still hanging around in the air even when I am thankfully coming to the end of my conclusion. And that question is; If this form of relationship ever becomes normal in the future, I can gladly and peacefully be left alone in a corner of history as the un-modern and un-popular bozo who was heavily against its kind. With my very own written evidence accounted for and left by my own self right here for them to condemn me in all their life time I assume 😀

But the line have to be drawn somewhere at some point