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Who wants inclusion?

Who wants inclusion?

I would seriously rather not write about racism at all as there is so many more interesting topics I rather explore. But I am going to have to since the issue can’t seem to help itself than to stand in the way for all of us in a more or less way. The topic on race itself is extremely boring, as well as demotivating and I am honestly over and done with this concealed hate long time ago now. All the nagging, victimization, stupidity, ignorance and above all the bigotry and cruelty it still involves. It seems pointless to even continue write about it now as reality is way louder in portraying it than any piece of writing ever would if it wasn’t so denied still

From everywhere I look no one else wants it either. Yet it is still there standing like a huge pink elephant in a cute ballerina outfit with long blinking eyelashes polishing its glossy nails in the hope for everyone to stop pretending of its existence and properly address it. So we really have to get frank about it at some point don’t we? Ideally without throwing mud all over each other whilst crying and snoring ourselves messy like two year olds if it is ever possible? That’s what I’ try anyway…

I will admit though that I am still trying to understand it myself by learning about it from all sorts of angles and time perspectives I suppose? So if I would to illustrate it from my safe heaven here, I would paint a form of distorted grey energy mass consisting of ingredients such as ignorance and fear combined. Like a cold smokey hollow wasting peoples time and lives in vain. Not only between blacks and whites but also among them internally. A dysfunctional, vicious circle that lives up to all the disastrous prophecies satisfying the participants in the hateful duel. The only way to stop it is to be aware of it and its intensions. Just walk away from it and look for better visions and missions elsewhere happier. (I suspect this is somewhat what one of my favorite authors Eckhart Tolle was describing as ”the pain body” in his book ”The power of now” which I happily recommend anyone to read by the way). This is also the reason why I ‘d like to make us more ”aware” of even the mildest but trickiest modern racism we still have floating about like toxic invisible air in the European climate today.

First tough I better be clear about the fact that I haven’t actually lived in the US (except as tourist and even that might just have been the last time I did so as a black person I am afraid). The USA as we all know, has been for many decades and still is life threatening for black people according to the police shooting stories unfolding before us continuously. So my reasonings here does NOT entirely apply the circumstances over there. The injustice the black stolen population have endured and still are today is beyond horrific. No one can really deny that. And if no one ever does nothing about it I have faith in karma to eventually fix it up naturally as she always does (maybe via uncle Donald? Who knows…? After all the quickest way for someone or something to screw themselves over is by putting their own head thoroughly and securely up in their own rear tight end where the sun hardly ever shines and the smell is .. well…not very pleasant at all)

But if I am to speak of racism from my own experience here in Europe. I find that the more ignorant a person/society is (incl. my self) the more they/we are likely to get involved in its hate soaked sensations. It seems to attract and retain the self destructive minded mostly. It feeds on your ignorance of your own unaddressed and unhealed wounds. Then again I am very selective of who I associate with and happened to be not so overly social, hence my experience on racism from society around me are also minimal which may not at all represent the average person exactly. So I am aware that speak from a personal perspective here but that is how it has worked for me. I would love to know how others have dealt with it and happily invite you to share your experience here if you want to?

It does not off course mean that I don’t see it exist, or how it is bugging and provoking others. Here in Sweden particularly, racism is so subtle so it is not directly lethal as elsewhere in the world but it can be seriously damaging emotionally, psychologically and spiritually if one is not aware and prepared. It is experienced by most as an uncomfortable hymn of guilt and sorrow in the background of almost any interaction between all the various cultures. The subtlety makes it even harder to discover and openly discuss it. Instead it is very systematically covered up as non existing haunting those who deny it like an invisible ghost from underneath the perfect facade that tries to keep it in check. Which often for me and perhaps a few others with a little bit twisted humor is a source of all sorts of hilarity and laughter ironically. (Sorry but this is how I involuntarily handle craziness sometimes. Its like getting tickled and trying to hold it in)

Anyhow it is very easy to miss the effects of this silent but abusive form of denied racism that can seriously psychologically scar the immature mind such as our children if we let it be as it is today and continue its function and legacy forward in the oblivion through them. Many think just because ethnic minority groups are included that it’l vanishes away and the problem is solved. In fact I read the other day that the famous tv host Oprah Winfrey preferred and believed the word ”inclusion” is a more of a key factor in solving racism in contrast to the term ”diversity” without integration. But I personally have a huge problem with the word ”inclusion” I just don’t understand why anyone with a healthy self respect want to be included to anything or anyone? I really don’t get that.

It sounds so belittling. I believe in participation and coming together for a purpose of cooperation, yes. But ”inclusion” ? hm…makes me feel ….thanks but no thanks. Either you want to cooperate on an equal respectful level or you find someone else on your level to cooperate with sounds more genuine and real? Doesn’t it?. I just find the term ”inclusion” depending where it comes from so deceptive as well as undignified. To demonstrate what I mean I want you to take a proper look at the images bellow. (They may look tacky but please don’t mind the details)

Look at the shelves where the toys of all colors and cultures are plentifully and multiculturally included. Look at the order and the subtile but obvious hierarchy. The Price tags and value that associates the characters together. Can you see it? It is very easy to be nonchalant about this very mild and inclusive racism. Imagine what that does to the self-esteem of a child? To be associated with a witch and an evil character such as the evil step mother? It is all so subtle and very easy to miss. Specially when the staff at this particular shop were so polite and helpful letting you know with their wide smile that they have all the merchandises available for your little family members.




While at the same time the ideal of ”inclusion” …well ..very apparent as we can see here nowhere near about equality at all. The racist values in the price tags and the shelves hierarchal  arrangement communicates very clearly to the tiny curious customers of what the deal is in society. The superior ideal is thereby clearly messaged to all our children. Now fact is, a certain race in Europe is a minority and another a majority, so why not adjust production and purchase of the products proportionally and accordingly? It costs equally as much to produce both models so why the different prices? There is so much I could ask on and on to moan about this but I wont, it would be useless plus waist my energy. So I wont. But! I am aware and most importantly I learned

To me this mild racism is very self-explanatory and perfectly exemplifying the ruling ideals. It speaks very loud for itself how society values the worth of a certain race and has up until now sadly been unintentionally supported by black customers too. So my people please open your eyes! Don’t let your children take over the ignorance that we as adults are afraid to face. Be aware! Be frank and learn. We all have responsibilities too. We cant ignore things like this and then point and assign the responsibility and frustrations to any random white persons.

Yes white people in the past and some in the present did horrible horrible things but we just have to be strong support one another, learn and LET GO of the past. White people too are flawed humans just like the rest of us even if some of them like to entertain themselves of the illusions that they are superior hilariously enough. Why expect so much from them when they are just humans too? Why the bitterness? I don’t get it. Haven’t we already seen their humanly shortcomings in huge way already? They may not know or understand properly what they do/done but we do now don’t we? We learned. The ball is in our hand to change things not in theirs, now that we know and are aware. This is why I personally prefer to deal very frankly with the uncomfortable issues on race even if I get offended or may offend other sensitive egos. Racism and bitterness should not be our kids problems to inherit even if they can still be educated about the horrors of its past, its remains in the present and avoid it to ever occur again.

Me and my little girl happen to discover this particular store that gave us this uniq insight when she accidentally saw her favorite doll”princess Tiana” while we were on a boat outing in a European city. Delighted at her choice, which happened to be the lovely brown skinned princess that this shop actually stocked I got dragged in there with her happy and cheery excitement. Still feeling a little seasick and tired but happy for her I asked again if she didn’t want any of the other princesses too? She firmly shook her head and was certain. It was then that I discovered the price differences. As if I wasn’t already disturbed enough by the arrangement on the shelf to add to my seasickness which almost made me vomit right there and then.

How do you hold any particular person responsible for this kind of racism. It is not the so pleasant staffs fault. I am sure they didn’t decide the prices tags by themselves even if they arranged the dolls on the shelf in an order that matches their values. I guess they had no idea that we were coming by and happened to be conscious black people too. So uncomfortable. Their subconscious racism was beyond disgusting really but I cant blame them on their ignorance. And I am sure they found parts of my pukes outside their shop just as disgusting and uncomfortable I guess. I just couldn’t hold in my revolting disgusted feelings no matter how much I tried, so it found its way out unfortunately. But hey,,, there you go. One subconscious disgusting action always triggers another disgusting re-action. But like them I too am not perfect to 100 % but only human with limited ability to keep in suppressed vomit inside a sensitive belly while at the same time being triggered with continuous disgust.   

Looking at this incident in retrospect and from a brighter light I can say I was glad that my little princes didn’t yet understand enough mathematics to figure out what was going on. It also gave me an advanced lesson on how to prepare her for this kind of oblivious but slimy sort of racism so she can be more aware and know how to deal with it by herself (without accidentally vomiting when dealing with it) but also understand why she and all of us have to be careful and selective in where to spend our money, energy and specially our time as customers and workers if we want to put an end to this. It was an unpleasant lesson indeed. But even an unpleasant lesson has its value and can still be let gone as a silly funny insight and nothing else …….