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Äntligen är den publicerad. Det går att beställa boken från vilken bokhandlare som helst, men klicka här för att få hem den nu så slipper du portoavgifter fram till 30 Nov 2020 och har den hos dig inom bara några dagar.

Har du frågor kontakta mig här

Finally my book “SYFTET med livets utmaningar ” meaning “The PURPOSE of our challenges” is published (in Swedish) and can be ordered here or in any other Swedish based bookstores and libraries for lending. I am working on the english translation at the moment and will make it known when it’s done.

To ask any questions click here.

Blessings <3

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If you are an Eritrean or a habesha diaspora from the time before the early 90s then chances are that you have been called “belles” by the natives when you been visiting our countries whether you’re aware of it or not. As you know belles is a summer fruit that has its prime season from about june till august. The diaspora also typically make homeland visits mainly during this period due to the nature of our summer brakes here in the west. Thats why we are or were called belles I was told. I’ve heard many funny stories from both sides of the gap but mostly from those that came back from their visits.

Like when my mom came back and told us she finally got my granddad a pair of new eyeglasses because the poor old man (may he rest in peace) confused all of us due to his worsening eye sight. But when he finally got them on and saw everyone all very clearly he never wanted to put them on again. He said it best himself that we all look very scary so near and close in such details 😀 It was apparently too much of change all at once for him I guess?

The gap that was created between the diaspora and the inhabitants is in a similar way a bit scary when looked at closely beyond it’s slightly blurred surfac. I my self have only been back home to Eritrea 2 times since I left it as a child long ago. The first time I returned was in the mid 90 s shortly after the country’s well longed independence. The turn had finally come for my sister and I to travel alone there as young somewhat naive teenagers and stay with our relatives during the entire summer.

What I remember most of that visit was how annoyed some people (in the arab countries) were already at the transit occasions in Yemen and Saudi airports about our (to us considered normal tourist outfits) dressings with shorts and skirts and maybe the clumsy careless teen style to complement the total culture clash. Our parents did their best to warn us about the culture differences at that time but there was only so much a teen brain could take in so the rest was up to us and our freedom we thought. Shortly after we arrived there, many surely looked at us as if we were aliens from outer space for a period. Later we kind of started to understand that they actually considered us like children if not perhaps a bit dumb, specially in comparison to the local teenagers there.

I also remember how insufficient we felt with our teenage budget for not being able to help back everyone that were genuinely and generously nice to us despite our naive and trouble free venturesome travels everywhere within the country. However what remained the same throughout the whole stay was that which ever city or village we visited we got a bit stared at if not almost discreetly laughed at sometimes simply for the way we dressed and carried ourselves like. We never really got why they found it amusing how we dressed but it was pretty harmless so eventually we kind of adapted to the reaction. In some villages, the ladies even kindly offered us a netsela (a sort of light scarf) to wear like the locals. Not necessarily to cover up anything because we didn’t reveal more than bare arms and legs below knees, but more to assimilate better. It was an act of care and consideration for us

The culture crash was just a total havoc at that time just like we were warned about. The second time I traveled there a time after the millennium shift a whole lot had changed so there were no funny reactions at all about clothing or traditionally expected behaviours. But I could already clearly grasp the huge class difference emerging. The very visible economically different lifestyles created partly by the diaspora was undoubtedly causing a tensions beneath the surface. The growth of darker emotions such as envy, greed, resentment, and abandonment where almost tangible. It was bound to naturally.

I tried to address this concern already at that time with those in the diaspora but was met with negligence if not cold denial and some mild resentment. The problem as I saw it at that time was not that the people were not nice because most of them definitely all were. But it’s the diaspora that were a wee bit too flashy, wild without the littlest minute self-awareness at all. It was so worrying how careless they were of the consequences that I was dreading silently

So on my second visit I didn’t stay there longer than a week and a half and I never went back there again since that time but kind of anticipated the development which by now has fully taken place as we can see. The mass-migrations from Eritrea and around that region in my opinion is hugely thanks to the carelessness of the diaspora distracting people from their usual daily routine hard-works. Off-course everyone was going to want to have as good economy like the “belles” people understandably. Who doesn’t want to come back to their homeland and rave around local parties flashing about at luxurious restaurants.

Everyone off-course want to better their lives and escape the hardships if they see a way out. And after the groundless US economic sanction on the country about 8 years ago the situation have worsen further to what it is today. Many risking their own and their families lives through the horrific Libyan cruelty and the dangers of Mediterranean seas. All just to get to Europe, where the life of the diaspora yet again can be recreated as an aspiration within the natives again an again like a vicious cycle.

There are off course many political aspects that played their BIG roles in the whole story of the mass-migrations we see today and I have written a little bit about that too here but this time “belles” inspired me to observe the whole situation from another perspectives I guess? So I didn’t just choose to write about this because many of us don’t already know the situation or to shame us diasporas and migrants, but to awake the necessary consciousness among us thereby promoting more responsible attitudes hopefully. We should investigate how we are contributing to the problems of migrations first of all. We should as well oversee how we are relating, engaging and what message we are conveying within our people, homelands but also our responsibilities towards our new countries. Take smal steps towards reparing this gap by creating oppurtunites and building healthier and step by steb closer relations plans for example

To give you an opportunity to start engaging in a healthy way is also why I am selling this belles painting with 30% of the profit going to #TsuriyPurpose foundation. If you have any questions regarding the painting or this project and want more insights, economical reports or wonder what other merchandise will contribute to this project then leave a message here or on instagram ’semirasemret’ and Tsuriy’s FB page and I will get back a s a p

Happy holidays

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#TsuriyPurpose Foundation

#TsuriyPurpose foundation

Those who know me know roughly where I’ve come from but also where I am heading and why. But if it’s still unclear, then “behold” ! My project #TsuriyPurpose is here for further clarification. This challenge is not only meant to inspire myself but hopefully anyone who needs the inspiration to simply figure out their own purpose in life and dare to pursue it no matter what. If we really want to, most of us can literally get up and “do” whatever we put our minds to do whenever we really wish. However many will still not “do” it due to lack of inspiration, self-esteem or because of doubts, fear, limiting beliefs, old traditions, common brainwashing etc

Then there are those that haven’t even had one ounce of decent chance in life because of a disability, serious illnesses or other major difficulties. And worst of all is the conditions for those living outside western realms. Truth is I know most of us want to help, but we often find ourselves distanced, unattached and without real means to “do” the very difference that these vulnerable people really need in their lives. Sometimes all that it is needed is only as simple as some words of encouragement. Other times more intensive involvements are required. But we often tend to get overwhelmed by all those ’others’ needy out there that we still wont be able to help, resulting in our unintended but comfortable apathy as usual. Discouragement indeed is a thief of all inspiration and a force of not so good productive energy (that some religious people would refer to as an unpleasant figure with pointy horns and tail)

Wicked symbols aside, we can all develop the habit to encourage ourselves and others as a way to combat this general discouragement. Try to “purposely” practice it with your loved ones for example. Don’t lie to them, but encourage. There’s a difference and it’s important you know. It is often easier if you start with yourself first. Because then you know that what you are saying is true and not some creepy sleazy cliché that scares the kids 🙂 So honesty as they say is always the best policy.

The goal
The main aim with the #TsuriyPurpose foundation is also to create an entity of encouraging support system for the above mentioned vulnerable group of people/children outside any social securities. Initially the idea is to start this project in Eritrea or/and countries around that region. So if anyone from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan or any other (northeastern) African country have similar thoughts and have complementary essential knowledge to contribute? Then I am all ears about any collaboration ideas.

But regardless, the master plan is to start a few small (chain) organisations. Their main task will be to serve as a resource bank of knowledge training and educating caretakers. At the same time also serve as a kind of “habilitation centre” with pedagogical materials available for the children/people concerned. This way these families/children will not only be encouraged to self-help and well needed real support in their challenges but hopefully inspire others to brake the social stigmas in society that is part of the force repressing them. In the long run, the vision is to achieve a situation where perhaps some of the beneficiaries themselves could take over/part in managing and expanding the entites further

encouragement is for practicing
While we continue to practice on encouraging our selves and others over here too; why not treat ourselves to some ethically ethnic stylish fashion by my new brand Tsuriy? (that the project is part of) The most important aspect about Tsuriy is that it will subvent some percentages of the income to #TsuriyPurpose foundation which otherwise will function as a separate organ with the purpose mentioned. Yet being a customer at Tsuriy means even more for your own identity as well (if you are habesha that is. If you’re not then the good news is you absolutly don’t have to be one to wear the gear)

As you can tell by the t-shirts, most part of the collection are designed simple enough to be worn on daily basis by anyone. But if you are habesha, why limit the joy and pride of expressing your “habeshness” only on occasional times? You can be ’you’ and dress your heritage all of the time or whenever you shall feel for it instead of waiting for festivities to arrive in order to transform into a cultural bomb. Not that there is anything wrong with cultural explosions, but, it’s only a ’part’ version of you. Be wholly you often if not daily, not only occasionally. Finally but equally important to inform you about Tsuriy is also that as a customer you will not only complete the mission in this purpose but also enforce the habit of caring. Caring for yourself, caring for others as well as for the environment, as most goods will be partly if not 100% organic while bearing certifications such as GOTS, fairtrade, KRAV ans.

Depending on the campaigns at certain times, a certain percentage that will be specified more precisely later is meant to fund the start of the foundation. Campaigns may vary in shapes and times. Nevertheless both Tsuriy and #TsuriyPurpose are basically like the two sides of a coin. They “do” however different things. One is a business organisation, the other builds up communities much similar to a typical social entrepreneurship model system. But! Without harming nature or offending social justices issues.

This is why raw materials are carefully chosen and preferably certified but due too lack of them, non certified items will inevitably complete the rest of the stocks. It is good to know that organic materials are not only limited in availability but unfortunately also in styles so all items will/may not always be 100% organic either, even if the ultimate goal is to achieve just that. In my future blog I also aim to dig deeper into the discussions and some rather questionable manners in which the “organic” issue actually is exploited too. So let’s stay awake! For now, contents will be clearly communicated for most products so those who specially care about this issue can make an informed decision on your purchase. But don’t hesitate to ask if the information may be short. Also your tips, questions and constructive critiques are always of help and more than welcomed here. So feel free to speak your mind

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Time for new Beginnings


Easter is here again so before wishing you a happy one I have decided to share some ( maybe provoking) thoughts in the hope to awaken and bring some healing change. To me Easters main message is “rebirth” through forgiveness and letting go in order to restart fresh beginnings again. I hope this is useful to anyone but I am specifically considering the black community. Simply because I think that the time to let go of past hurts and bitterness have long been overdue. Still I keep coming across bitter and pathetic reasons to dwell, blame and hate in this community like no other. I am NOT saying that we black people have/are not being treated unfairly. We are.

Not only by the “white populations” capitalistic system but also by our own and most other people too unfortunately. Just look at the classic corruption scheming model being successfully used over and over by the west in Africa. It wasn’t always like this you know? There were ones glory days for this now brutally abused continent. But the corrupted leaders of today in this very rich continent are the very loyal allies of the oppressors. Another milder form of conning black people within the west is seen in the whole Obama leadership. Personally I like the Obamas very much but by now, I with many more understand the symbolism behind this fruitless election. Having a first black president may have been very special and thrilling in the land where blacks were once slaves? I understand that. See, I on the other hand come from a country and a continent were there not only always ruled black presidents from the beginning of time but also black emperors and king of kings as well as renowned queens.

As a black person residing in the west I am now expected to be thrilled and gratefully receive a “role model” for the first time by the good will of “white” benevolence? Hello! Where have some black people hidden their brains and voices nowadays? Under a stone in the shadows? I urge you to dig it out and place it back to your heads again please. We may be a minority in the west but we are not dumb. For heavens sake! Who is playing who here? No! There are no “first times” for black people. Sorry to ruin your self pity and illusionary low expectations. Stop commercialising/selling your ideas and selves as the first black person to achieve this or that. There have been many blacks before you that most probably achieved many things with more limitations and ignored recognitions. But most importantly there will be more a lot more to come. So stop falling for this limiting scheme now immediately. It is more abusing and hindering than promoting. It comes from a limited mind

I am not saying not to be proud and lift achievements of black success today. Please do. We need plenty of that. Regardless of how uncomfortable others may react. But rethink and refrain from the label “the first or only black” as an old marketing cliche. You are helping in belittling our race as inferior and incapable when you focus on our colour to this extent (or at least add “the first black after slavery” to achieve this or that). In fact this schemingly trendy idea is nothing but a corrupted convenient way for whites to sell you their dogmas. Have you even thought about that or do you believe that we all are as corrupted?

Yes, the Obama effect has become very commercial even in Europe now ready to be milked out  symbolically and drag us all blacks further behind again. Because blacks cannot achieve anything by themselves right? They need the white mans assistance, validation and humane benevolence to come to power positions so they have to appeal to the white majority only by sympathy votes hm? Not by fighting their battles and attaining respect God forbid. Is that what you want to leave as a legacy to your children? So very sad! To make matters worst I keep coming across debates and articles to further widen the gaps between blacks today by some lame arguments like the heading of this following article here

This kind of article always seem to confirm to me that there are quite a few out there equating blackens with total ugliness and sadness. No wonder why I feel like a “mood” terrorist with my very positive prideful blackness that ruins this very trendy pity party in the community? Then again there are obvious incentives and rewards for this attitudes in our society today so I shouldn’t be surprised I guess. Sympathy for blacks …and “white guilt” go hand in hand in western culture like milk and honey.

This destructive and toxic relationship permeates through out not only private personal relationships but also pervades the political and global scene as observable in our world today. Despite the fact that I am very positive that colorism is addressed here, I am concerned about the easy and lazy conclusions that result in the blaming game. From what I know about healing, nowhere have I read that recovering health and happiness comes by blaming others.This very faulty conclusion is also how blacks remained in this defeating position for so long when in reality we are the ones with the most potentials. Please people let go of the hurt and forgive! I am not saying forget. I am saying learn. It was only a lesson nothing else. Let it go now and start anew with these valuable lessons in hand.

Shifting guilt among us doesn’t make the oppression go away. It only shifts and take turns to RE-PRESS us instead of uplift us. But yes for the sake of the argument in the article I will agree that there may be so called “privileges” such as being easier accepted into the white norm the lighter the persons skin tone happen to be. However it is only relevant if this person in question idealises whiteness. A person like this will unquestionably suffer spiritually regardless of skin colour simply  because one is denying their true self while appeasing to those outside factors that are dictating their ideals. How can  they then complain to be denied when they them self do that to their self first?

There are a lot of people with fairer or darker complexion like me for example that don’t have any desire whatsoever to look like anything else but our own selves. Nothing against the others but we are all what we are. For this purpose alone you will also struggle against the mainstream that labels you as a sort of freak. Believe it or not the struggle is the same for all at the end of the day. It always equals out. Why not try compassion it will console your soul in much better ways and start with your self, your children or your own folks first ok? I cannot stress this enough

Furthermore why would it really be considered a privilege to be “liked” by whites just to serve as an exploitation material. And if you live in their world you will have a lot more higher risk of being subjugated weather you are aware of it or not. The most sad thing about this whole issue though is that once again this “system” is still orchestrating division among us like they have done for so long using their ideals and some very handy self hate in our own community. Are you ok with that or are you ready to let go now? We need to be unite instead of throwing up silly excuses to remain in the same place just so we can be “lucky” to title our selves “the first/only black person to ever be pathetic enough to need the validation for example…hm?  I mean common!      

Blackness does not sit in the shade. It is in how aware we are of our identity and STRUGGLES. That is blackness. Because to be black today is to be strong in a world that want to see you weak. Let go of that projection! It is not yours. Forgive them. You are much stronger now. Be the role model your  children needs you to be. Because children become what they see you do and be, not just what you or others teach them to become. Be a person they respect and admire not someone they feel sorry for all the time. You can do so much more and are able to exemplify that possibility for your beloveds your self 

I really hope I have managed to inspire some or any of you by sharing my thoughts and I hope you will do the same for others in your community before blaming them. In the meantime, I wish you all a happy Easter festivities with some more joyous pictures here 🙂 

This cute design will be available to order in all children’s sizes and outlined colours. It is made mostly from ecological materials and by environmentally friendly colouring techniques thereby suitable for most sensitive skin types…..and tones 🙂 For more detailed information or questions you are welcome to mail me.



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For my Queens and Princesses


This is definitely not how I dress up like to step out of the house and get some milk from the local store. Particularly in this tiny village I stay totally surrounded by deep nordic forests. Actually on some stressful days I can’t tell the difference between me and the homeless bag lady sitting outside the store collecting change in a paper mug ….I tend to feel. I wouldn’t be surprised if even she would jump out of her seat with a slight shock at the sight of me if she also could see through the battles I go through in life at times. Thankfully it doesn’t happen to often that I feel like this so I am humbly grateful even for my bad days.

But there are many occasions when it is fun and pampering to dress up and live out a little. Even for an earthy and nature loving mom like me. Especially when one is a mom to a little fairytale infatuated princess like my daughter is at this prinsessy age. How can that not be inspiring and cute? It is the ultimate BFF love story between a mothers and a daughters with the unbreakable inspirational circle forever exchanging among both. It sure beats the crap out of feminism with just one hand.

The prints for this collection which I have drawn with a “hand” or two by the way….. are also inspired by real royal stories with bravery, faith and strength of our forefathers/mothers. Far back in the days when the old north east African Abyssinian kingdom by the region where Eritrea and Ethiopia are situated today were once one of the largest empires in the world along with the Romans.  The typical old orthodox cross like symbols that is often still found decorating the traditional “Tillfi” clothing of this culture today makes no exemption to appear even in my work signifying some “habeshness” off-course but the execution is more modern and most likely western influenced as we are today.

Printed with modern technology as appose to the less available embroidery or weaving technic traditionally used for “habesha” clothes. Unconventional yes, but true to its roots with a dreamy kind off finish and avant guard cut. I hope it will be appreciated by those that have interest and curiosity for my creations on this theme as much as I do. And I truly do/did enjoy creating them. By the way, don’t hesitate to mail/inbox me with your details clearly specified if you want to discuss custom tailored for you, your project, work, home, group etc.

Speaking of creations, I am currently “baby step” by “baby step” having the web shop set up and organised as I have informed earlier and there will be something available for all eventually but I am starting out with the women’s line first, since I am …well… a little old-fashioned mannered…?… Yes, I think women should always come first and be respected at all times. Specially by themselves first, they are after all the creators of men. Gentlemen and boys are definitely in my plans too but I have a family to raise also so I hope fellas don’t feel discriminated by the delay now that men have become so fragile these days : /  Bad Jokes aside, I like to make you all (men /women, girls/boys, old/young, thin/big, black/white neon-green/blue, straight/gay etc.) involved in this project too.

I like to propose a good deal to any one of you who are or know someone to be an aspiring model? Especially if you/they love to pose for the camera and have a spare time to try out outfits for photo shoots to come…? Expenses for a professional photographer, makeup, hair and for any traveling cost within Sweden will be covered. The models keep their selected copies free for their portfolio and have the possibility to be the future face of my brand and be hired with a contract eventually. (If under 18 your parents need to approve first) Have a little ponder about that and I will come back with more details on where, when, what it will be of this quest once I get substantial replies. If you are or know someone who is interested, then don’t hesitate to mail me so plans can be scheduled

And speaking of plans, there are many more details to be planed, refined and defined regarding the ethics and moral of the production sector of my project which I will inform you more on later. But for now I am currently listening to some new projects leaders in Borås Textile Fashion Centre with plans on establishing small modern local sewing factories that may lead to some collaborations. This would cancel out the risk of getting involved with shady, oppressive big organisations abroad. However my principle is, If in doubt abandon cooperation as immediately as possible. My aim is to serve you and your loved ones not only awesomely nice gears that represent you better but also give you an opportunity to practically set standards for our collective ethics on social justice and environmental issues. Not an easy concept in the fashion industry. But not impossible. It’s a try well worth it for our next generation, trust me.

This means the entire chain of not only my products but also someone else’s items, for example any trimmings I order will have to be investigated from my part so I can guarantee it really is clean from partnerships with dealers who use child labour, slavery like exploitations, use of animal brutality, harmful and nature destructive chemicals ans. Off course it puts limitations and delays at this stage of setting up my business. But quality comes before quantity so the wait is well worth it for me in order not to let you wait when you have made your order from me. Patience is my key practice indeed at this stage.

That’s all I had to say for now and I would like to end this update with plenty of wishes for you to have a blessed new year and don’t hesitate to contact me reg modelling or any other ideas and requests. I know I have been really lame on my new Instagram account but you can reach to me also via face book, messenger or just mail below here.

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Don’t hate change

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you and then you win”  

– Mahatma Gandhi

Photography Unknown 

I don’t know about Kanye’s breakdown so much yet but I am sure he’l  be fine soon. What might be  interesting about his situation is that it marks a new beginning and perhaps an end for his career maybe? Yes, I suspect that he is serious about his ambitions regarding running for presidency in the election of 2020. Laugh if you want to. But so did we about Donald and that is what Kanye also noticed apparently. 

I have never really been a Kanye fan ever but if my suspicions turn out to be true then I might be very interested to hear more. And yes, I have somewhat always known that he is a little bit on the dramatic side. Then again what artist isn’t dramatic? And yes, it is not the first time he is on the forefront of the news with this kind of spontaneously dramatic behaviour colouring the internet full of despise directed towards him once more. This time for daring to utter his political stand which in his own words spelt along like the following “If I would have voted I would have voted for Trump”  Oooh…!?  Trump..!? The Trump that may be an obvious “racist”?

But racism in the US is not new at all, we have always known that. Actually according to history books it has been much worse before and last time I checked, things are (to) slowly but rather improving actually. The funny thing is that even with a black president in charge black boys and girls never stopped being gun shot to death by the government. 

Not to mention how mass incarcerations of black men has served as a profitable business supporting the economy similar to slavery in the past but in a larger scale now according to Ava Duvarney documentary13th  Slavery then was managed with brutal torture and other harsh forms of oppressions. Slavery now is managed with more sophisticatedly refined  and clever rhetorics such as Clintons here If this is not sly and horrible then I don’t know what is? I totally understand if this is also how Kanye felt during his rant speech on stage.

What I do not understand is the boiling hot hate he and other black people receive from their own folks for thinking differently. So much judgement and contempt for opening up about ones honest feelings and thoughts. As if black men haven’t been through enough mental oppression already? If it is not pure hate and ridiculing treatment then it is the general discounting of them as a “poor hopeless victim” of “mental illness” disregard from no less than “their own people”. I know Kanye  has been through a lot on a personal level but his personal experiences should not be a reason to dismiss his point and views in politics. A black boy apparently cant expect no better treatment than that if he happens to be a thinker, free minded and innovative with his intelligence. No wonder why there are way to few good examples of black boys out there. Being themselves and truly living a free life is to much of a risk for them. What a price they have to pay to attain their emotional and mentally health, wow?

To be black and progressive or think outside the box is just to challenging for the black communities apparently. To confronting for their perfectly square box that have been drawn by their mental masters. So the only options black men are left with is either abort their manhood, obey, bow down to that holy carefully polished oppression or completely rebel against it. Live the classic thug life as an outcast and gangster. Why cant just black boys and men be allowed to be what they are. Humans thats what they are. Unapologetically free humans that can be deep, shallow, strong, sensitive, outspoken, artistic, intellectuals, crazy or whatever they are or want? I am not forwarding my question to the system of the white man’s/woman’s system but mainly to their own black communities and families. Why are you lot not supportive of your own?

Please stop the labelling of your own people. Start understanding, respecting and caring for yourselves and your folks instead. Ask yourselves who made you think that way in the first place. Who is enforcing the fear of critical thinking? Who made you afraid of true freedom and being your authentic selves? Who is hindering our collective growth and why? Stop teaching black boys to blame and hate or hide their feelings. Stop dehumanising them when they express their minds no matter what form the expression appears to be. Listen and converse with them instead. And you will realise they are different from you they are not you. We are all different but humans still.   

We have different ways of thinking all of us. So when did we collectively make a promise to one another to vote for white feminists as our saviour? That is exactly the problem with the black community and the diaspora in the first place. Why even depend on a saviour living outside one self. How about we save one another within our community if there really have to be any savings at all? That we could be there for one another no matter what political views, religion or ethnicity we hold or develop? We are all our own saviours in truth, thats my belief anyway but yes we can share it too. Why won’t our folks get this? Everything we need is within. Why do our community have such a weak faith for our own people and yet often being so dedicatedly religious? Please awake!

Political leaders are just that…Politicians. Like businessmen/women nothing more and no more personal than that even if every vote very much matters to them. They are not our allies or enemies in any form just because their rhetorics are refined or brutal. They’l say whatever they l have to say to get that vote for sure, to win themselves a power position thats all. Now I know Trump was not the favourite option obviously even if (in my personal opinion) much less worse than Hillary. But it was exactly the lousy options that made it possible for him to be a president-elect which I believe is what Kanye was trying to communicate through to his audience also.

And NO I wouldn’t like to be Trumps daughter, family member or any other female in his close network considering what a pervert he sounds like in his way of speaking. But America is not in need of a father it needs change in its political system apparent from the election results. And if anyone could bring change it is Trump. Not because he has experience or because he is an excellent speaker or is any better than other presidents before him but because he is not. Things either will be really bad or really unexpectedly good but they wont be the same for sure. When I mean same, I mean same as in under Bush, Obama or Clinton’s administration. Clinton with all her expertise would only prolog the current situation without any significant change in sight for the black community nor for ethnic minority or the feminists that support her only for symbolic reasons rather than real change for real women. That method is too old and out of fashion. Please move on

Our daughters don’t need a war loving old bitter sadist as a female role model they are too smart for that. They don’t give a smelly pooh about “role modelings”. What they need is healthy and happy families as well as true friendships in their communities and professional circles. If they are happy, healthy and respect their selves then they know that they don’t have to compete with men or anyone else. They know better than our generation that healthy happy and self-respecting men is also what they’l want and nothing less. No one but themselves will be able to stop them from achieving any career path they aim for. So please address the real reason why you are hating change when change have come upon us and always will. Why do you choose to dismiss and contemptuously point aggression and hate towards (a brave and smart) black man’s authentic thoughts and reasonings about the inevitable change we face?

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Defining our new Identity

Defining our Identity by our own terms

Its a weekend agin and I have to be honest I was not entirely sure to be happy or panic at first when I woke up to the sound of the kids playing, shouting and combating about in the background as usual. From a quick glance at the window and my own speculation of the coming weather I knew that this entire afternoon is best spent in the citys head library where they not only have loads of children’s activities but also have a cosy play corner surrounded by comfy soffas, pillows and other energetic playful kids that will definitely entertain my two ruthlessly play loving lively kids. As much as I love them and love to play with them, sometimes I just have to find ways get them entertained while I do some work at the same time. The Library is a good place for that

When they are at this calm but activities field corner though, I know from experience that they are so curious and bussy with their own amusements that they not only ignore me but throw me away as if I was some tired old broken toy. Unless they get into trouble with other little riots like themselves, they want none to do with me. Luckily today seams to turn out to be one such day. By now I have learned to use this to my advantage so good thing I brought my lapptopp with me to do some of my own work in the background sipping latte typing.

Luckily there aren’t many parents here today so I can sit quietly and continue to tapp on my lapptopp like  a maniac without receiving judging looks thrown at me for not being an ”adequate” parent. ”Adequate parent”!? What is that ? Why do I have a feeling that most non white parents have this mildly unease and subconscious fear of being judged by the white norm in public places? Or is it just me? I often feel that most foreigners or non whites have this obligation to prove and be adequate or in some other-way be accommodating or adjusting to the norm that someone else have created for us. Off-course this must have come from years and years of the adjusting process that have been going for a duration of time now among the diasporas. Adjusting to the so called white norm that is.

For a while now I have wondered what ”adequate” really even means and why should I bother to be bothered about someone else expecting that from me? Because in my memory as a young immigrant child in Stockholm it hadn’t just been two different sets of the meaning of the word ”adequate” in the dual cultures that I grew up in but many other ones. Especially when I recall my entire neighborhood at that time. We lived in a suburb where immigrant population was high and it had always been different standards of parenting styles alternating from the Swedish norm but at the same time that we were all adjusting and assimilating to gradually as time went.

In fact I remember as a very young child sitting on the subway with my family wondering and asking my dad as usual a number of irritating questions as some (maybe annoying) kids sometimes do. (And in my family I must have been that one type of kid) Anyway I remember vividly how shocking the new norm that I had arrived to was in comparison from what was ”normal” in my world before.  I kept wondering how funny people looked and acted like in this new country, little did I know the people of this country were also looking at me with similar wonder?

It was a wintery december in the middle of the eighties and as a newly arrived child I consistently and curiously asked my father often with deep sympathy and vague sadness in my heart why and how almost all people in the train we sat on were always so incredibly white? And had so very sharp noses? And such very thin lips? He and my mother just laughed at me and explained simply that this is the way people look like here. But I still doubted and was a little resistent to believe them. I thought that I will prove them wrong soon if I just find and discover normal people like me again around somewhere. They must be somewhere

Maybe people like my grandpa and grandma or my uncles my aunties my friends and cousins, but couldn’t find any, even if turned around every person and took a proper look at them. Surely the entire country can not be affected by a disaster of looking like this I thought hesitantly? Mom and dad must have been mistaking? But eventually I learned to accept that the only brown people who I will see that looked like me/us here were some of those that my family visited or were visited by regularly. But the norm as my parents said was what it was.

And reminiscing with a smile back on the past now just made me realize that the word ”adequate” Is not only outdated and irrelevant for my becoming of me but also doesn’t apply to this generation at all. Not any more and not in the same way. We are not adequate and weren’t meant to be adequate. We were made to think that way. And in this context, It isn’t just an old ghostlike irrelevant word from old memories. But the word ’adequate’ as well as the word ’norm’ are both unnecessary for us today right here and now. It is up to anyone to decide and define how to singlehandedly or collectively reshape themselves and create new norms without specifically adhering to any other norms.

Thus knowing ones true ’self’ and ones identity is so so so very important to us all in order to do that. So get busy living, getting to know and defining yourselves as well as getting the kids to do the same before anyone else or any other words are used to define you and yours. Realizing this also makes me and understand why I have chosen to follow my inner intensions and go on my own path to design forth my coming collection that I am creating with the intuitiv need to redefine my own identity. This way I can also add to all of you with my ancestral cultural Identity. I call it an expression of self love and self definition. I look forward to show the final work soon and hope you will like it too. But for now I like to encourage anyone who is on their path to self love and self definition. To keep going until you get there ! 😉