Tsuriy Purpose Art Gallery

All art displayed here is for sale and 100% of the profits are placed into the establishment of Tsuriy Purpose Foundation  that aims to help families with disabilities in the household to get necessary knowledge and access to self empowerment and respites. Please do help by not only buying but also spreading this page and let others know of how they can support not only by appreciating our ancient culture but also support vulnerable people in the  horn of Africa who need the support.  Do contact me if you have any queries at all or ideas and suggestions on cooperations with other similar organisations . I look forward to hear from you


Painting printed on textile and mounted on canvas. Can be ordered in different sizes according to your choice. This sample is 90x70cm


Acrylic on canvas 50×50 cm


Acrylic on canvas sample in 45×45 cm but can be digitally reprinted in larger sizes