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Easter Poem

It is the second weekend I ve been to this same place 

at Gustaf Adolfs torg on the exact spot and space

to honor two brave late heroes  

Both young men that brought so much hope

with promising future but heavy burdens to cope

Their lives suddenly interrupted despite determined goals 

Both truth seekers with minds wide awoke

For freedom they fought by any necessary means

a message conveyed due to the truth they seeked

Two passionate humans with 100% humanist hearts

that beated for fellow humans and our continuing tasks 

Genuinely caring for their friends and family

as well as for the people in their beloved country.

As a nationalist, I relate to the message they unveiled. 

After all they cared not only for the countries they lived in 

but also for the nations of their origin. 

And that is what brought me here. 

To show gratitudes and drop a tear

saddened by their loss in a world ruled by missinformation and fear

A world desperately needing their level of commitments

but grateful am I yet for all their accomplishments. 

I light a candle for their precious souls 

Maybe they see from above and shine a hopeful glow

to re-light our courage to be inspired and grow

I hope they see that we do appreciate 

The sacrifice and grind they made

With their truth chasing lives they informed of so much

showed us the frenemy that lives within, without and among us. 

Fear, jealousy, hatered, fakeness and greed. 

All of these emotions are tools of the enemy

and they live and hide in you and in me 

See the more aware we are of our true loving nature  

the more we are bound to treat each others better 

the more we are aware of our hidden sides 

the more we maintain our power and rights

He will tempt, control, steer, use and divide 

But the more truthful we are to our selves and decide

the less he can influence our own lives

If we consciously choose to be tools of peace 

the more trickier he will be at using make beliefs. 

He loves to lead by lies and illusions 

And hates to face reality and your own conclusions

We know of this and forgive to move on 

like Jesus have showed us once in time upon

With his life, at Easter and the cross he was hanged on

They say our lord Christ left earth at the age of 33 

just like our Swedish-Palestinian hero Bechir 

and like the great Eritrean-American star Ermias Nipsey hussle 

One of them an outspoken muslim defamed and segregated 

the other a christian black success so had to be murderd

One of them a crucified jew by his own folks and decedents 

For teaching wisdom to the next generations 

about how to find eternal freedom and salvation  

Children of immigrants chased out of their nation. 

Like many of us in this new next generation. 

Thats why they represent many more than me. 

Both addressing structural deceits

Systemic injustice of the ruling regimes

by the super powers and big global elites 

Patriots with respect for ancient traditions 

despite western upbringing and their modern situation

In-between two cultures stil they kind of fit in 

But without their roots, never really to deep within. 

No lack of roots was seen yet in their grand spiritual being 

that deeply connected with the true universal meaning 

they lived their lives with purpose and a clear missions

Didn’t waist no time on fake political correct bullshitting 

The only difference between the two 

is that one of them lived in Sweden too 

He voiced the betrayal faced by many native Swedish white victims 

targeted by their own kind for old past white mans sin  

While Nipsey for his community hussled 

He also kept changing behaviors and struggled 

to have his people safe in the city they all lived in 

that he himself was once born within. 

His success repaired so much more than the image of artistry

He is an example of how our people are now meant to be 

Both doing what is ideal and of good report 

with the aim to care for human souls 

They cared less of anyones ethnical histories 

only about the people and the peace they were making

Their brotherhood built with trust remedied so many lives

to whom they until the end served and tended

With love and respect until their own time ended

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