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Love and peace

Yep! I know the headline is a little bit of a cliché but it truly is a wish worth wishing from the heart anyhow

To reduce more clichés, sometimes pictures are more necessary in accurately describing what one wants to express. So I summed up these photos of moments that I love and appreciate in a very short compilation video. In the hope that love and peace reaches out even further towards everyone but also to you

If you are habesha then you probably understand the words of this song in the video and undoubtedly agree with me when I say that “truly it is no better time to be habesha” at this moment in time of peace and unity. If you have read any of my earlier blogs involving political issues on this subject, then you also know that peace indeed was mine and most likely or hopefully your highest wishes too. No wonder why it feels almost like a miracle has come to us habeshas? Experiencing it here and now in our own lifetime after decades of conflicts is indeed a dream come true to me. Hence the choice of this beautiful song by “Wedi Gebru” says what I feel, better than my own words right now

Since I have brought the issue of gratitudes up, I might as well mention my own thanks to everyone that have helped me and are still supporting my causes through all this process of making mine or our dreams come true as well. Yes, we’re all connected in the end. Your dreams come true is ours too and vice versa. So despite the fact that I have put a lot of work to what I am doing right now and the fact that I have had some major hinderances by some sad and lost individuals, I’ve stil managed to accomplish all things that are closest to my heart (and counting). Even when I at the same time admit that it looks as though I’ve done only tiny steps forward outwardly. Inwardly however my struggles have contributed a great deal to so many new insights and experiences that I can’t wait to unleash in coming projects.

One of them I can reveal at this stage already, is my book that is currently being edited before its release by approximately end of this year

So stay tuned follow Tsuriy facebook/instagram page for other details until then ….

Lots more love and peace

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