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Work work work work

Work work work work

No not like Rihanna’s tune. Not quiet so glamorously. But really strife, stress, sweat, cut, measure, stretch so your top or trousers crack, build, sew, draw, shape, colour, create, change my mind and recreate thats what I have been doing the last few weeks and months. With a little bit of a weirdly crazy humour, a lot of faith, some good music and my very intelligent motivators among other things I still made it alive so far looking like a crazy scientist coming out of an exploding lab.   

I still have a whole lot more to work through to but I am getting closer.  Sadly what I have noticed is that the closer I come to my ultimate goal. People either are aligned with the goal and purpose or are heavily aginst it for some completely incomprehensible reason to me. I mean I understand that everyone has their own loads to carry in life and those used to be many more before. But the ones that go out the way to destruct are taking over now it seems….? While many sneakingly obstruct and even slide out a crooked foot if opportunity come. That is so very ugly and sad to watch. To see how some you think you trust or even respect turn into shrinking sour and little devilish bitter monsters. So very sad. Not just to have to loose them in this way but because no one but themselves are hindering them to do it for them too I guess. I have nothing to lose by enjoying my life and riding this adventure so I wont stop enjoying myself ever… But for them I feel sad and I don’t want to feel sad for them or anyone because I know we are all capable to do so much (good and fun) but have to let them off and continue my way forth

Well life lessons never stop teaching us all either way so I send out a hopeful, happy prayers and wishes to you the ones that bother yourselves to read me 🙂 (Thank you by the way)  Please please please love you enough not to ever hate anyone. Even your haters. Know them but don’t hate them. Meet and concur your demons if you must but never stay permanently where they are. Distance from them if you must but never stop the feelings of love to guid you. I am glad and thankful I still am anyway and have so much I like to share 

The first of my promises or fruits I like to share is on the link here. Hope you liked it. This is a part of my entire bigger collection that I soon will make available on the new web shop that is under construction at the moment. Those three selected outfits on the link however are kind of samples that are going to be part of a fashion contest by the end of next month this year.  It is arranged by “Marketplace Borås” and happens only once a year. So timely and lovely.  Anyway Check it out and DO vote for the collection. It might increase chances for me to take part in it. If you are wondering what will happen if you don’t then all that is going to happen is that I will be grumpy for a while and will be on to the next mission that life brings forth as usual 🙂 nothing more or less exiting or dramatic really…. But there are movies for that….not to despair. Just go vote first and then watch a really dramatic film after perhaps?  If you happen to have any feedback for me for any reason, good or bad, then help your self bellow….. VOILA!

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